Päivä: 22.5.2020

Punamäki R-L, Paavonen J, Toikka S, Solantaus T. (2013) Effectiveness of Preventive Intervention in improving cognitive attributions among children of depressed parents: A randomized study. Journal of Family Psychology 27:683-690, DOI: 10.1037/a0033466 Solantaus T. (2017) Commentary: ‘Let’s Talk about Children’: Investigating the Use of Family Focused Intervention in the Gambling. Proteiini Patukka Moni proteiinipatukka muistuttaa […]
television viritys Korva Lukossa Ja Soi korvien lukkiutuminen korva humisee The Girl With All The Gifts “The Girl with All the Gifts” is a hugely cinematic reading experience, set in a post apocalyptic Great Britain. I guess I was taken in by the opening, as you know something is afoot when a young girl is […]